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Voyager is a truly advanced digital printing solution, our years of research and development has helped us master the art of building a reliable and cost effective machine, at drop tech quality is our top priority, we work hard as a team and progress day by day in understanding your requirements and meeting your expectations.

Our print heads are robust, and are designed for textile printing with accuracy and high speed. With a resolution of 3200DPI and support of CMYK and ORGB with 4 colors and 8 colors print configuration helps in printing on fabric with the best quality.

Drop tech’s technological advancements allow us to push and improve each and every aspect of digital textile printing, and create a balance for production and speed.


Drop tech’s years of knowledge and experience has has enabled us to develop creative and innovative printing solutions for the ever evolving field of digital textile printing.


At Drop tech everyone works towards a similar goal to provide our customers with the best in class textile printing machine, Voyager is a new innovative step in the field of fabric printing designed to give your business maximum profit.


Our service page helps keep all your voyager queries on check, we offer 24/7 assistance to ensure that your voyager machine is always up and running.

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