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How to Choose the Correct Textile Partner for Your Company?

Purchasing new printing equipmentis the beginning of a long-term partnership between your textile printing partner and your business. Of course, because this is such a large purchase, you want to be sure you pick the best decision possible. How do you know you're asking the right questions and conducting the necessary research? To assist you in finding the right printing partner for your business, I've put up a list of vital tips that will walk you through the process.

Choosing a textile printing partner for your company

1. Textile printing company with experience in the machinery industry.

You don't want to partner with a textile printing firm new to the industry and its equipment since you want to work with the latest printing advances and keep ahead of your competitors. You need a textile printing company with vast expertise with similar cases as a partner in order for a printing partner to help you on choosing a printer and incorporate it into your current line of production.

Furthermore, partnering with a textile printing firm with years of experience ensures that you will be able to count on them in the future. As a result, when selecting a printing partner, I always recommend opting for one with a proven track record to ensure that you are investing your time and money wisely.

2. Collaborate with a textile printing company that specializes in textiles.

Many digital textile printers have been established by altering graphical digital printers, as this industry was the first to employ this printing process. Furthermore, the print heads in such machines are all designed to print on flat substrates like paper or film. Print heads can travel very close to the surface on those substrates, avoiding any drop positioning problems caused by jet angle aberrations. When printing fabrics, the heads should be as far from the textile's surface as feasible. Textiles, after all, are three-dimensional, nearly alive things that stretch and move.

When looking for a printing partner, I would strongly suggest looking for one specializing in textile printing and has extensive expertise in processing rolls of textiles via machinery.

3. Textile printing company with world-class customer service

Adding a new printer to your production facilities necessitates much more than just acquiring the printer. After you've made the purchase, you'll need to integrate it into your production line (learn more about how to do so in this blog), set up the printer in the proper environment, and train your employees on how to use it. Colors only come out the way you want them if you undertake appropriate color profiling, which necessitates a thorough understanding of how digital devices make colors. As a result, you'll require assistance from a textile printing firm or printer supplier's application specialist.

4. The long term stability of your textile company

When you invest in new digital production equipment, you want to know that the company providing the machines and inks will be there for a long time. You want to know that the company that supplies you will be able to do so in the coming years because digital innovations move quickly and utilize technology that may become obsolete quickly. As a result, it is prudent to investigate a textile printing company's credibility as well as its financial stability. Bureaus like Dunn & Bradstreet can help you receive an objective assessment of the company's state, which can help you make better decisions.

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